Click to enlargeLarge Silver & Red Coral Pendant/Broach

This exquisite silver and red coral pendant/broach was hand-made by artisan Marcine Stead of the Zuni Native American culture. This pendant is an excellent example of the "cluster" style of Zuni jewelry, in which Marcine Stead specializes. Additionally, in this pendant Marcine uses teardrop shaped pieces of red coral to create the clusters, as opposed to round pieces used in other pendants. Marcine signs all of her pieces on the back as "M.Stead". The red coral used to make this pendant comes from the Baja Sea in northern Mexico and the silver from mines in Nevada, USA. Creating jewelry pieces with red coral is difficult for Marcine because good red coral is more rare than turquoise and therefore more expensive.

As shown in the embedded image, the back of this pendant is fashioned with both a loop to allow it to be worn as a necklace as well as a pin to enable it to be worn as a broach, in either style chosen this pendant will be a beautiful accessory.

This pendant measures 1.5" in Diameter.

Lrg, Silver & Red Coral Pendant/Broach KB000175$89.95

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